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Here we go…

18 Dec

Hey! Cole here.. again… ūüôā

Today has been a weird day. I felt properly homesick for the first time. It’s now not just an adventure!!! but a full fledged life in a whole other country. We’ve been here nearly a week and a half and the whole thing has been a bit of a whirl wind (flying in! rednecks! Walmart! more rednecks! moving in! etc etc etc) and now just being at home, getting into our normal routine it’s *really* sunk in. For over 12 months, I’m not going to be “at home” (putting home in quotation marks is kind of needed at the moment, Defence life is where ever you drop your boots, basically) for a while and I can’t just meet Mum for coffee and shopping. I can’t have dinner at Mum and Dad’s and sit outside patting the dogs while Dad brings me yet another beer (That man knows my soul. Love you Dad) ¬†

We can’t just go to John and Tanya’s for Sunday barbies and I can’t just pick my adorable¬†nieces¬†and nephews up and smother them with kisses and leave them plonked on my hip for the duration of our visit. (Seriously. I am concerned about possible implications of so much attention.)

When we spoke with Mum today she said Duke (Dad’s dog. He’s more than a dog, he’s Dad’s favourite child) had gotten into a fight with one of our other dogs and needed to spend the night at the vets. He’s ok, but it was the thing that made me realise that they are all (family, friends, proper tea and good biscuits) so far away. I Google mapped it and you are all apparently 26,578km away. However, this does include a detour through Japan and some sailing across the Pacific Ocean so my guess is, directly, you’re all about 16,000kms away. So still a fair distance.

I usually speak with Mama several times a week and I think that has been one of the hardest things to deal with. Not just picking up the phone, no matter that time, and having a chat (Mind you, those chats do tend run for at least an hour. Again, another person who knows my soul) and putting the jug on so we can have a cuppa together. Or calling each other up to giggle over a particularly gruesome episode of ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ (I highly recommend this show to anyone and everyone. “There’s no shame, we’re all the same”! is the tag line¬†and it’s very reassuring to know that, no. We are not all the same. Some people have bodies that do much grosser things than yours)

Just writing this makes me feel less anxious and less homesick but still. It will take a lot of getting used to and lots of Skype dates with Mum and Hully to get me through.

Anyway, let’s talk about something a bit more fun, shall we! We’ve found a new grocery store. It’s called Publix and it’s way, way better than Walmart. For starters, they have aisles that 2 normal sized trolleys can fit down, rather than half a dozen trolleys, a huge black family, yelling at each other, and at least 3 people on motorized scooters carting oxygen.¬†

Much easier to find what you’re looking for (Beer is located next to the dairy, what up!!) and ¬†there is a better supply of fresh fruit, veggies and a proper deli. And we’ve discovered some pretty good snacks too! Goldfish are delicious (and¬†allegedly a kid’s snack. Psssh, whatever.) and Fig Newtons? Oh Ma Lawd! These things are like crack. Nothing like the weird crunchy, fruit pillow biscuits we have at home, these things are soft and figgy (if that’s even a word..?) and I have eaten 2 packets of them since last week (with a *little* bit of help from Ryanie.) But don’t worry, I make sure to get both the Goldfish and the Fig Newtons in the whole grain version so it’s way healthier. What? Don’t judge me…


Not much else has been going on. Trying to convince Ryanie that we absolutely, must, 100% go to DisneyWorld before Christmas and we only have 7 full days to make that happen. Come everyone. Let the power of nagging overwhelm him. 

Oh, I know we’ve mentioned it before, but Christmas here is ridiculous! Like, grown men and women walking around in Santa hats and people wearing ‘Let’s put the Christ back in Christmas’ shirts (not really ‘Christmassy’ but I’ll get to that in another post. One where I can coherently put thoughts into words that make sense). Christmas themed candles and special wreaths that *you* *must* *absolutely* *get* and special wrapping paper. I mean, the list goes on and on. (Here’s a link to a great read about how people get tricked into buying more crap http://www.salon.com/2012/12/15/6_ways_retailers_trick_you_into_buying_more_crap/)

Anyway, this post has gone on for far too long and I’m sure many of you have stopped reading but that’s ok. I still love you :p

Cole xxoo


Oh, shit! I almost forgot to share the most exciting news of the week; I drove by myself today. Yep. Took the ol’ Dodge down the shop to get some groceries and drove back without veering back onto the left side of the road or anything.¬†